Red Spoon Bakery is geared towards providing healthy, delicious food to your dinner table.  Every recipe I create is geared towards a kid-friendly dish so everyone is happy! 
I try to base my dishes off a kosher style of cooking. Using minimal sugars, dairy, and meat products. Not only does this style of cooking derive from my Jewish culture but also provides a healthier, cleaner way of eating.
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I was raised in the back of my Mom’s chocolate store. I was the quality control manager aka chief taster. I ate a lot of chocolate as a kid. When I arrived at college, I became fascinated by these brightly colored squishy things they served in the cafeteria and I soon discovered they were called vegetables. Suddenly a whole new world opened up and I became obsessed with the varied types of food and ways it can be prepared always ending each delightful meal with chocolate of course. I quickly realized eating out was not feasible for every meal, so I started trying to emulate all of my food adventures in my own kitchen.




Red Spoon Bakery Hamentashen Recipe.png